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3 Tips When Professionally Tinting Your Car's Windows

You've decided it's finally time to get those windows tinted on your car. Maybe you want some protection from the blazing sun or more privacy. Whatever the reason, auto tinting can make a big difference in terms of aesthetics. Before you drive to a tint shop, keep these three handy tips in mind.

1. Do Your Research on Tint Shops

The tint shop you choose can make or break the whole experience. You want to find one that has glowing reviews and plenty of experience, specifically with tinting car windows. If you choose a shop that isn't up to par or doesn't specialize in automotive work, you may end up with bubbles, a peeling tint, or an uneven look. Be sure to thoroughly research tint shops in your area.

2. Understand the Legal Limitations

Every state has its own laws on just how dark of a tint is allowed on car windows. Be sure you understand these legal limitations before choosing a shade of tint; you don't want to risk getting fined. According to, tinted windows on vehicles must have at least 35% light transmittance. With this in mind, always choose a reputable tint shop, as they'll stay compliant with local laws. Ask to see examples of the shade you choose on a car to ensure it meets legal standards, too.

3. Consider Specialty Tint Options

You may be tempted to go with a basic black tint all around, but special auto tinting options exist that provide enhanced benefits. For example, metallic and ceramic tints can provide sun reflection and heat reduction beyond darker shades of standard dyed film. There are even high-tech options like infrared-blocking films available exclusively for automotive use. The right tint shop will be able to explain all these specialty materials. Inform them of your priorities, like aesthetics, privacy, glare reduction, heat reduction, and technology considerations for backup cameras.

Investing in auto tinting is an exciting way to upgrade your vehicle's look and comfort. With these tips, you can feel confident rolling into the right tint shop ready to enhance your ride. Do diligent research, mind the laws, and explore specialty options. Contact our team at ATO Autosports today if you're looking to install new window tint.

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