Remote starts

A remote start is an awesome addition to any vehicle. No more waiting around for your car or truck to warm up or scraping frost off the outside of your window. Enjoy the convenience of starting your car from the warm comfort of your home. Remote starts are easy to use. Simply push a button on the key fob or use your smart phone with unlimited range. Once initiated, the parking lights can flash to confirm your car has successfully started. Your car will stay locked until you unlock it. Add security for an additional cost. There are many models to choose from. The 3 choices below are our most popular.




Option 1 - One Button Key Fob

For older model vehicles we have the one button key fob to trigger the remote start.

$350 Installed

(For most vehicles. European vehicles may have

an additional cost)


Option 2 - Using the Factory Key Fob

This is our most popular remote start system. We use the existing factory key fob with no additional hardware to carry. Simply press the lock button on your factory remote three times to trigger the remote start. Your doors will be locked and the headlights will flash to confirm your vehicle has started.


$350 Installed

(For most vehicles. European vehicles may have

an additional cost)

Option 3 - Smartphone Application

If you are adamant about a clutter-free key ring, consider a Smart Start remote system. This allows you to activate the remote start from an iPhone or Andriod device. The Smart Start system also offers unlimited range for those who may have to park very far from their vehicles.

We install systems from Viper, Avital, & iDatalink

To help you find what system is right for your needs, we at ATO Autosports have done the research. Contact our vehicle care experts for a free consultation. 


ATO installs many types of custom lighting. Fog Lights, Safety Lighting, Underbody Highlights and Custom Interior Lighting. ATO has the lighting that you need for your custom application.

Backup cameras

Backup cameras have been mandated as standard equipment in all new cars and trucks by the federal government since 2015. Although this law "grandfathers" older vehicles as an exception, retrofitting a backup camera to an older vehicle can help to increase the safety and usability of your vehicle. For towing applications this can be of great assistance by taking the alignment guess work out of lining up to the hitch you are backing up to. Backup cameras offer better sight and peace of mind when backing out of public parking spaces where small children and also smaller adults could be in arms way. Remounting or moving a backup camera may be necessary when outfitting commercial vehicles. ATO can provide a number of different mounting and display options to suit your specific needs.